Bio1151 Chapter 13 Meiosis and Sexual Life Cycles
  1. In          reproduction, one parent produces genetically identical offspring by         fission or by          .

  2. In         reproduction, two parents produce offspring that have unique combinations of        inherited from each parent.

  3. Genes are located on chromosomes, which can be visualized under the light microscope to create a            .

  4.          are          sex cells that are produced in organs called         by meiosis.

    Asexual and Sexual Life Cycles and Meiosis Overview:
  5. Since meiosis reduces the number of chromosome sets from          to          , two cellular divisions are required, preceded by a single             .

    • Meiosis I is the chromosome            division.

    • Meiosis II then produces       haploid daughter cells.

    Review: Meiosis Animation
    Summary: difference between mitosis and meiosis.

  6. Sexual reproduction produces genetic            by several mechanisms: independent             , crossing       , and random fertilization.

    Review: Genetic Variation