Bio1151 Chapter 18 Regulation of Gene Expression
  1. Regulation of protein production is an important aspect of the           dogma.

  2. The E. coli trp operon is a              system that is turned     unless repressed by the            .

  3. The E. coli lac operon is an            system that is turned      unless induced by the          .

  4. Eukaryotic gene expression can be            at many stages, from the nucleus to the cytoplasm.

  5. Multicellular organisms develop from a single-celled         to cells of many different types through cell           , cell                  , and morphogenesis.

    • Differential distribution of              determinants in the egg can lead to subsequent            of embryonic cells.

    • Expression of genes for tissue-specific proteins result in cell                , and leads to observable                  .

  6. Genetic mutations that affect cell cycle control can lead to         .

  7.           mutations are generally needed for full-fledged cancer.