Bio1151 Chapter 33 Invertebrates
  1. Invertebrates do not have a           , and account for 95% of known animal species.

  2. Phyla           and          are the multicellular sponges (formerly Porifera) that lack true tissues.

  3. Phylum           belongs in the clade with true tissues called            .

  4. Most Eumetazoa belong to the clade            and exhibit            symmetry and triploblastic embryonic development.
  5. Phylum                  are flatworms with a gastrovascular cavity.

  6. Phylum           are roundworms with a               .

  7. Phylum           are soft-bodied animals.

  8. Phylum           are segmented worms with a true         .

  9. Phylum             have            bodies.

  10. Phylum                are                .