Unit 2: The Cell Extras  Study Guide

Chapter 7 9 Review
  1. The plasma membrane is a "fluid mosaic" made of with a mosaic of embedded in it, and _ani_7,1 exhibits permeability.
  2. Membranes are made of which form a bilayer with embedded proteins.
  3. Selective allows some material to cross the plasma membrane.
    • (passive transport) is the tendency for molecules to spread out evenly _ani_7,4 down their gradient.
    • diffusion is the movement of molecules across the membrane facilitated by proteins, the concentration gradient.
    • transport moves molecules their concentration gradient and requires energy.
    • Large molecules are moved into and out of cells by bulk transport _ani_7,15 mechanisms of and .
      • In , the cell takes in macromolecules by forming vesicles from the plasma membrane via invagination.
      • In , transport migrate to the plasma membrane, _ANI_7,13 fuse with it, and release their contents.
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